The Everyday Irishman

Time to Change

Posted in The Origin Stuff by everydayirishman on June 8, 2009

So, after weeks (months?) of running this gig in a sporadic and somewhat directionless way, I’ve decided to change the nature of the blog.

The Everyday Irishman was originally set up in work with the idea of bringing together Irish stories from around the world and commenting sardonically on a few of them. There was, however, a site that was already doing this, and doing it much better than one man and his laptop ever could – Irish Central.

So, this became more of a personal blog – with random blurts of nonsense appearing from time to time. I have discovered, however, that while this ‘blogging’ thing may be a ‘craze’ that the ‘youth’ are ‘into’, when it comes to my own personal writing, this is not the best medium for it. It’s too instant, too on-demand. While I love insta-writing and currently do it for a living, I also need something that’s a bit slower, that gives me time to tease out and develop thoughts and form them into a piece rather than a post.

Thus, the nature of this beast is changing. Instead of keeping it as a regular blog, it will be a site hosting a column on whatever happens to be in this Everyday Irishman’s head from week to week. I plan to post a column every Sunday. During the week (Mon-Fri) I’ll be doing a daily selection of Irishman’s News along with the occasional quote or thought for the day, just to keep the content ticking over. The first column, ‘We all have our faiths’, will be posted this Sunday.

Welcome to a new phase of Everyday Irish!


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