The Everyday Irishman


If drink hadn’t been invented the Irish could have conquered the world. – Anonymous

The Everyday Irishman hosts a weekly column by Ben Murnane, author of Two in a Million, a memoir of life with the rare genetic disease Fanconi anaemia, and co-author (with Katherine Farmar) of Dublin on a Shoestring, the insiders’ guide to saving money in Ireland’s capital.

Ben was born in 1984, finished a degree in Drama at Trinity College in 2008, and now works as a writer, journalist and editor in Dublin. He has written for The Irish Times, the Irish Independent, the Sunday Independent, the Evening Herald, the Irish Daily Mail and RTE Radio, and appeared on RTE television as well as East Coast FM and Dublin’s 98fm.

Ben ran his own magazine for over ten years, Totally Fushed, and The Everyday Irishman is intended as a NEW OUTLET for his CRAZY RANDOM THOUGHTS. As well as The Sunday Column, there may be little Bits during the week along with the regular Irishman’s Daily News, a selection of the most interesting stories from Irish newspapers and websites. Before the idea for the column came along, this was just a regular, boring blog of a thing, and you can find everything that was posted before The Sunday Column arrived in The Origin Stuff.

Email Bennie at ben AT becreative DOT ie or visit his regular website at


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