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As you may guess if you glance below, I haven’t updated The Everyday Irishman in a loooonnnnggg time, and I consider the project essentially over.

I still read and approve comments people may have, though, and if you want to get in touch don’t hesitate to do so through my regular website.

In fact, if you want to keep up with what I’m doing now, is a good place to go – or you could also friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter.

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On this day, RIP

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I remember being
so moved by him, by
his being who he is,
the sheerness of his voice
climbing somewhere in soft words,
skipping nothing human,
loving that he could love.

Night skies moved with his feet, stars
pocketing themselves
in and out of the stage lights:
the wonder of socks,
silver glint
glitter moments.

But –

There were times when he slowed,
curled over
like he wanted a shell.
He wanted us to smile and cry
for him.
Part of the act.

Michael, farewell

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The two most insightful pieces about it all, one from his first wife and the other from one of my favourite writers.

And perhaps the most heartening thing, he was happy.

This life don’t last forever…

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Things’ll get better.

The Everyday Irishperson’s Dublin – In A Book!

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My new book is out now – so far the reaction has been really encouraging. Check out the details below!

Dublin on a Shoestring by Katherine Farmar and Ben Murnane – out now!

Opinionated, practical, entertaining, Dublin on a Shoestring reveals the Dublin of the quiet streets, the second-storey cafés, the little places tucked away in unlabelled cul-de-sacs and only advertised through word of mouth.

Whether you’re just visiting or planning to stay, this is where to find:

– Dub’s best pubs – find the cheapest pint in Dublin!
– The best and best value restaurants
– Where to shop (without a gold card)
– Insider recommended entertainments from cinema to live jazz
– Somewhere to stay and somewhere to live – personally inspected accommodation
– Dublin for free – enjoy the city without spending a cent

Dublin on a Shoestring, the brand new, completely revised third edition by Katherine Farmar and Ben Murnane, is available now at Amazon UK, in bookshops across Ireland, and directly with free shipping from Ben’s website.

€9.99, published by A&A Farmar

‘A cool pocket-sized treasure, telling it like it is… even tells the natives things they didn’t know.’ – Sunday Tribune

‘A little gem… researched by real people who have discovered how to have a ball in Dublin with as little cash as possible.’ – RTE Guide

‘Buy this book the second you get off the plane’ – Irish Post

‘a product’s main selling point is now that it comes in pink’

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My good pal Gerry Orchard has released a new zine of wry brilliance. fedupmag #11 is online here.

Too hilarious for laughter

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is using an Iarnrod Eireann train in his re-election posters:

The Indo:

Controversial Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is campaigning to be re-elected on the plank that his country is advancing as rapidly as a train, only the train in question is Irish, almost as old as he is and until 2007 was delivering freight around the country.

The General Motors 181 was scrapped two years ago, although two of its number are still working. That said, it did have a 43-year career, entering service in 1966.

Yesterday, Iarnrod Eireann said while it didn’t support any candidate in the presidential elections, it would have preferred to see one of its new trains on display.

“We fully expected Irish public transport, and our plans to develop the rail service, to feature in our own election campaign last week, but to feature in Iran was a bit of a surprise,” spokesman Barry Kenny said.

Survivors of Institutional Abuse Ireland Petition

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Quote for the Day

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Sharon: How do you know you can really trust me?
Adama: I don’t. That’s what trust is.
Battlestar Galactica